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UltraFish (ultrafish.io)Mike_Zhang的个人博客网站,致力于分享一些有关计算机科学及其相关话题的学习经验和知识,记录自学过程,以及分享一些生活。 除此之外,UltraFish更是我的网络中心,其连接着UltraFish Plus (plus.ultrafish.io)我的个人主页 (mike.ultrafish.io)以及其他服务节点。

UltraFish (ultrafish.io) is Mike_Zhang's personal blog website, aiming to share some learning experience and knowledge about Computer Science and related topics, record my self-learning progress, as well as share a bit of my life. Beyond a blog website, UltraFish is also a central node of my network, which is associated with UltraFish Plus (plus.ultrafish.io), Mike_Zhang's Homepage (mike.ultrafish.io) and other service nodes.

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Undergraduate Student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Major in Computing, Minor in Electronic and Information Engineering

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